City Of Chicago Collective Bargaining Agreements

Unions representing CPS employees and the employees they represent can be found in the table below. Links to the current collective agreements between CPS and the unions are at the bottom of the page. The guidelines and rules of the CPS Board of Directors also affect the terms and conditions of employment of CPS employees. You will find Chapter 4 of the commission rules and the 500 series of boards of directors. Personnel procedures and other personnel materials are published on the internal CPS HR4U staff website. Preliminary agreements have been reached with CTU and SEIU, you will find information on CPS tariff units, agreements and general information on CPS collective bargaining. For more information on cpS collective agreement units, you can contact Kaitlyn Girard, head of industrial relations at Chicago Public Schools employ 39,448 people in CPS schools. Unions represent the vast majority of CPS employees and negotiate with CPS representatives the wages, hours and other conditions of employment of workers.

The conventional rights of workers are governed by the Illinois Laboratory Relations Act (115 ILCS 5/1 and . seq.) and the Illinois School Code (105 ICLS 5/34-1 and seq.) The Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board is responsible for enforcing various provisions of the act. . . . Memorandum of Understanding Medicare Part B Repayment Program BU 47 Architectural and Ornamental IronWorkers Local 63 Professional – Local 1600 Professionals: Full-Time – Part-Time BU 31 Operating Engineers Local 150 Bridge Operators . Collective Agreement 7/1/16 – 30.06.23 – The employees represented are represented from 13 June 2017 and exclude short-term workers such as replacement and so-called “various” workers. BU 91 Fraternal Order of Police, Chicago Lodge No. 7 Collective Bargaining Agreement for P/T Hourly – Project Staff 7/1/17-6/30/23 BU 71 Policemen`s Benevolent – Protective Association of Illinois, Unit 156-Sergeants Local 73- Collective Bargaining Agreement 7/1/18-6/30/21 .

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