Electric Bike Rental Agreement

Prohibited use of the bike: no use of the track! The tenant must not use the bicycle to rent, be operated in a test, race or competition, or be driven on dirt roads, in dirt or in water, or in a place where exploitation would be illegal or inconvenienced to others. The tenant will not use or allow the bicycle for illegal purposes. Any violation of this paragraph automatically terminates the rent and makes retirees liable for all penalties, fines, forfeitures, pledges, collection and storage costs as well as any related legal costs related to a violation of this paragraph. Attached are the following rental conditions and I approve them: Rental fees: From the date indicated on this contract until the return of the bike, the tenant agrees to pay the hourly, daily or multi-day rates, as agreed. The minimum fee is 4 hours. The tenant agrees to pay all fees for various services and all sales, use, rent and excise rights, including all applicable tax increases. The tenant also agrees to pay a reasonable fee for cleaning the bike if the bike is rendered with excessive stains, dirt or dirt due to the use of the tenant. Credit reserve and credit card payment only: The tenant understands that tenants must pay the full amount (in exchange for the final account) to the total estimated amount of bicycle rental costs at the prices listed on the site and confirmed by phone and email. ROLL only accepts credit card payments.

The tenant authorizes ROLL to debit the tenant`s credit card of all amounts due by the tenant as a result of the rental of bicycles. Liability exemption, debt waiver and compensation agreement: understanding the risks described in this agreement, to the extent that the law allows, I lay off and compensate for myself, my entire family, including my spouse, minor children and heirs and representative, ROLL, its owners, shareholders, directors, executives, members, managers, employees, officers, volunteers, agents, subcontractors and any other person or entity acting in any capacity on behalf of ROLL , of all claims (INCLUDING CLAIMS NEGLIGENCE OF ROLL), claims of loss, damage, injury or other means somehow related to my bike rental, and I AGREE THAT I, MY FAMILY AND MY HEIRS WILL NOT SUE ROLL OR OTHERWISE MAKE ANY FOR ACCOUNT OF ANY INJURY, LosS OF LIFE, OR I INTEND THIS OF LIABILITY TO BE IF EFFECTIVE THE INLYRY , OR DAMAGE RESULTS FROM ROLL`S NEGLIGENCE.

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