Prenuptial Agreement Ghana

Lawyers representing international clients are now more likely to recognize that a marriage contract often needs to be developed in a number of potential jurisdictions for its potential enforcement capacity. This could be one of the following questions: international issues related to marital agreements are clearly crucial for people from different countries of origin or for people from a country other than where they are now. But there are many more clients who need international support for marital agreements. Many customers have important contacts with many countries or believe they may be in the future. Let`s take the example of an international symphonic conductor who can have permanent appointments with many orchestras and festivals around the world, teaching missions to universities and conservatories in other parts of the world, and personal connections and assets in even more parts of the world. What if his fiancée is an international business advisor? Or an international movie star? Where does the lawyer begin in such circumstances? And where does the trial end? Many people are careful to remarry, especially when they have already suffered a chaotic divorce. You may also have duties to subtability your previous marriage. Often it may take some time to rebuild your life after the divorce financially. It is reasonable to want to protect your wealth if you are considering remarrying. If you die, a marriage will allow you to ensure that your old family and its new family benefit and that one does not win at the expense of the other. 1. This is a very specialized area.

There is a much greater risk for the family rights defender, who agrees to enter into an international agreement than in the case of a conventional marriage contract. These things are delicate and require great care. Do not process international marriage contracts unless you have experience or work with an international family lawyer who regularly executes international marriage contracts. In the likely event that one partner does not go through the terms of the agreement, the other party may sue for damages. 10. Inform the client that you do not know where the client and spouse may reside in the future, where their children may be, if they are present, and where one or both of them will have assets or may do business in the future. All of these factors can have a very important influence on the ability to execute their marital agreement. I accept, however, that pre-nups do not supersede the jurisdiction of a matrimonial court, but they would be of great probative value. A pre-nup would prevent a party from providing further evidence to investigate issues within the pre-nup.

It is the safe way to acquire closing property or acquire before marriage, so that it is not exploited. It should be kept in mind that the weight of proof of a pre-nup would have serious consequences in the event of coercion, misrepresentation or fraud at the time the contract was concluded. Our dishes have also repeatedly decided not to keep bargains unscrupulous. [16] I therefore advise you to represent a lawyer with a proven expertise in this area and to be different before executing the agreement.

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