Western Washington University Direct Transfer Agreement

The evaluation is not an official transcript. The official transcript of the UW, which is sent to other institutions, does not contain the GPA sAMT transfer or a detailed list of the UW transfer credit, but only the other colleges the student attended and the total number of transfer credits granted. Transfer levels are not included in the UW GPA. The “Washington 45” course list was designed to provide an optimal course choice allowance for high school students participating in the Washington Running Start program or for traditional transfer students who wish to change before obtaining an associate degree. The Washington 45 was designed to provide a guide for students to choose courses that would be successfully transposed to all public and private bachelor`s institutions in Washington State. Although the plan does not guarantee more than 45 transfer credits to all Washington institutions, the UW will authorize more than 45 transfer credits for the courses concluded in this list. Your ter and final ratings are based on the course work to be stored before June 1st and do not necessarily reflect the total number of credits we will accept at the time of transfer, once your final transcript has been received. If you are attending university courses during the winter/spring semester, we advise you to submit an updated official transcript to the registration service by June 1. In addition, your TER contains only the course work submitted at the time of application. As spring semester notes are generally not processed in time to be included in your TER and final grade, you should plan to bring unofficial copies of all transition college transcripts and at each meeting with service advisors. Winter – Spring: New transfer students enroll in courses during Phase I enrollment. Their online registration time is based on the number of university credits obtained at the time of admission and is made at the same time as Western students.

Veterans can receive up to 30 military service credits, as recommended by the American Council of Education (ACE) Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services and in accordance with university and state transfer credit guidelines. Students can apply for the assessment of military loans by submitting the Joint Service Transcript (JST) to the Chancery. The JST replaces the Coast Guard Institute Transcript, Army ACE Registry Transcript (AARTS) and the Sailor/Marine ACE Registry Transcript (SMART). Air Force personnel can submit the Protocol of the Air Force Community College. If you earned at least 60 transferable shift credits in your Washington community or special school before moving to UW, you can earn an associate degree from your former WA CTC. Die bei der Bewertung der Transferkredite erfassten Informationen, einschlie-lich der `bertragung von Créditsen und der `bertragung gpA, werden Teil der stungen Aufzeichnung des Studierenden an der UW. When a student applies for an academic program with special admission requirements, transfer courses and transfer AMP are taken into account. Students who move from a state community or technical college (WA CTC) to the University of Washington before acquiring a WA CTC Associate Degree can apply academic credits they earn to the UW to obtain an associate degree from their former CTC. Students who move west without a DTA associate degree must meet the university`s GUR.

These include students who change their degree with an associate science transfer (AS-T). To find out if you have satisfied Western`s GUR or not, you can compare the courses of your transcript (s) with our GUR worksheet [pdf]. If you have questions about a particular course, read the Equivalency Guide transfer course or compare its description with the Western University Catalog course descriptions.

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