Mofa Model Agreement

Referring to the aforementioned request, declaration and agreement, the organizer agreed to sell an apartment to the buyer of housing at the price and conditions indicated below. 2. The buyer of housing agrees to buy from the organizer and the organizer hereby agrees to sell an apartment to the buyer of housing n° ……………… of the type ……………. the surface of the carpet to arrogance …………. square meters. (Which includes the balcony area) on …………. Floor as specified in this plan, grown and labeled Appendix D/Shop No. …………./ /covered/open garage.

…………… ………….. Building (hereinafter referred to as “the apartment”) at the price of Rs. …………… Including rs. ……… the proportional price of common areas and facilities at the height of the premises, nature, extent and description of common areas and facilities/common areas and restricted facilities, which are described in more detail in the second list below. The buyer thus undertakes to pay to this organizer a purchase price equal to that of Rs. ………. (Rupees …… …..) on or before the execution of this Agreement have been paid to the organizer in the following way: .

Indeed, ruled in favour of the respondent by holding the area of 1 lake sq.ft. be mentioned in the MoU as a carpet surface solely on the basis of the MOFA`s mandate and not by the interpretation of the individual concept …, in order to be considered an agreement under Article 4, must at least, for the most part, satisfy the requirements of this section. Learned Counsel argues that chit. it has not been read in the form provided for in Article 4 of the MOFA. . in July 2013, it was out of the question for the complainant to pay the balance in April 2013. According to section 4 of mofa, it is also for developers. No. 8 of the scheme, namely 4 dimensions in Hirapur, Jalna Road, Aurangabad for the overall vision of 13.75.000 / – by OP 2-Mohd. Wasim Iqbal Mamdani. The apartment in question was initially booked by the OP.

was not willing to execute the sales agreement. The complainant claims that it is compulsory in accordance with the provisions of the Maharashtra Flat Owners Act, 1970 (MOFA). And considering that the developer has concluded with an architect registered with the Architects` Council a standard agreement in accordance with the agreement prescribed by the Architects` Council; Whereas the developer has appointed a `statistician` to draw up the structural plan and drawings of the buildings and the developer accepts the professional supervision of the architect and statistician until the completion of the building(s). And considering that by concluding the ________ or, in particular, in the first list described therein and in the first list below in writing (hereinafter referred to as the land mentioned) and build on this building in accordance with the conditions of the development agreement / power of attorney: and considering that, under the development agreement / power of attorney, the organizer alone has the exclusive and complete right, to sell the housing to be built by the organizer on the land or lands mentioned in the building(s) mentioned and to conclude agreements with the purchaser or purchasers of the dwellings and to obtain the sale price. . . .

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