Vrbo Agreements

@Mike V. thank you for your head held high. Only 5 leases updated. This gave me the opportunity to update other parts and pieces that needed it and make them more consistent. I need the same lease to be agreed for VRBO and AirBNB and my bookings on the website, so I had to update your wording a bit to refer to OTAs. But overall, it seems to me that it should provide the necessary protection in case something like this happens. By using a rental agreement as part of the booking services or by indicating any other rental conditions as part of the online booking process (including the conditions we may need), the traveller and the member agree to the conditions set out in the rental agreement or other conditions indicated in the booking process (including, but not only, to the cancellation refund policy); which apply from the date indicated by the user. Acceptance of the reservation or lease, if applicable. You hereby acknowledge and agree that (i) you are fully responsible for these Terms and Conditions, (ii) any rental agreement used, whether a sample provided by the Website or a rental agreement copied and inserted by either party in ReservationManager (or any other online booking tool on the Website), is used solely at your own risk and expense, (iii) nothing in the Booking Services, these Terms or any lease template replaces the advice of a lawyer and (iv) you have been advised hereby to consult with local legal counsel to prepare, review and revise lease agreements as necessary to ensure compliance with federal laws, state and local and their particular circumstances, and to revise the lease if necessary; to accurately represent ownership, rules, features, etc. It seems that it is our responsibility to check every version of your affiliate sites in any language for each entry. I explained the situation and the VRBO representative confirmed the discrepancy and said that, in accordance with this directive, it was essentially mine and that they would not provide any help.

Today, she is using this directive as an excuse for a retrobook and is threatening me with her “legal team”. I`m 99% sure they`re scammers and I`m not wondering anything but their right to refund, but a simple solution is to include this in your rental agreements.

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