Rockyview Teachers Collective Agreement

And whereas the parties want these issues to be defined in an agreement in order to settle the following conditions of employment of teachers, which are called “collective agreement” or “agreement”; 3.4.10 In three (3) consecutive years of schooling, substitute teachers receive one year of experience per cent twenty (120) or more days of alternative training from the employer. No substitute teacher can earn more than one (1) increase in experience in a (1) school year. Replacement days prior to September 1, 2007 are not included in this calculation. 5.2.2 Effective September 1, 2017, sticking during the school year is not considered interrupted or consecutive when a leave, teaching day, work day or other system-regulated break interrupts the continuity of the substitute instructor in the classroom. 1.6 Effective March 7, 2019, this collective agreement nullifies all previous collective agreements and provisions attached to them. In the case of pregnancy disability, teachers who have maternity leave accept additional benefits in the event of unemployment in accordance with Article 11.6 of this agreement and, subject to medical evidence of such a pregnancy-related disability, the right to sickness benefits outside the period during which supplementary benefits are available in case of unemployment , including pre-delivery and post-delivery periods. 5.3.1 Travel: $20 (US$20) per day is paid to substitute teachers who are not on the network and who teach at schools identified from time to time by the employer, where the employer is having difficulty obtaining the necessary replacements due to the necessary distance from the department`s large municipalities. If the employer finds that it is no longer difficult to obtain the necessary replacement in a school, the employer will notify the Alberta Teachers` Association at least one school year before the amendment is implemented. 17.3.1 Effective September 1, 2014, the first authorized day is free for the teacher. With the ratification of a collective agreement by the parties after August 31, 2016, unless the parties agree otherwise, this clause applies and Article 17.3 applies.

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