Fonterra Collective Employment Agreement

If the temporary employment is real, you do not have to renew the worker`s contract, even if the original reason for the length of the life has changed. Employment contracts contain more information about the different employment contracts. Employers may want to establish their own employment contract. It`s usually easier to start with a simple template and then add and edit clauses as needed. Please seek advice from a farm people management consultant on formulations and content. 1. Permanent. The job is not finished and there is no deadline. This implies that it offers both the worker and the employer some legal protection with regard to their rights and obligations.

Employment contracts describe what you expect from your employee and what they receive for it. Where the employer offers individual conditions to the worker, the employer must negotiate in good faith and give the worker the time and opportunity to seek independent advice in the same way as when an employer offers an individual employment contract to a worker. 2. Fixed term. The worker is employed for a certain period of time for a real reason, for example. B to carry out a particular project or to cover an employee on parental leave. Note that the dairy`s “season”, from June 1 to May 31, measures one fiscal and production year. That`s not to say that milk work is seasonal. It is not appropriate to use it as a reason for a temporary agreement.

There are two main types of employment contracts (or contracts): a global employment contract expires on the indicated expiry date or 3 years after its entry into force, with a few exceptions. .

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