BONUS – Time Traveler Tour Guide – George Harrison – Innerview 1979

Hey fellow Tourists! I am truly a Time Traveler Tour Guide. I am going to take you back in time to 1979 Los Angeles for a George Harrison Innerview! This is a lost forgotten Interview that George did to promote his 1979 album simply called George Harrison. This is so much more than Q&A blah blah blah… This is an invitation to hear and understand some insight to the mind of George Harrison as he talks about so many interesting topics. Among the subjects talked about… Life, Music,Musicians,Beatles,Solo Efforts, the My Sweet Lord lawsuit, andso very much more… this innerview has more than talk banter back and forth, it also has lots of music of George, but even more so is the time capsule commercials… you are going to laugh!!! Enjoy this and know that this was dug out of my own collection and so special I just had to share this as a Bonus to you, my listeners!!!

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