Magical Mystery Tour – 01/01/12 – New Year’s Day 1962 – Decca Records Audition…

Here’s your invitation so make your reservation to join me, “Everybody’s Favorite Tour Guide”, james d. jones as I take you on a Magical Mystery Tour through the Beatle Years and Beyond… We are going back 50 years to a cold grey New Year’s Day 1962. Their new manager Brian Epstein had convinced Decca’s A & R man to give his new band the Beatles a chance to audition. The Beatles were thrilled do be doing this and celebrated the night before yet showed up on time when Decca’s Mike Smith himself partied the night before and showed up late! This put the Beatles off somewhat and upon Brian insisting they do a set of songs that Brian had picked to showcase the range and talent also put them off a wee bit as well. The Beatles at this time consisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Pete Best on drums. The audition did not persuade Decca to sign them to a record label deal, but Brian did keep the audition tapes and hit every label he could before finally scoring an audition with Parlaphone Records. George Martin was chosen for this task and saw potential in them, but insisted that they needed a stronger drummer. The Beatles had Brian take care of the firing of Pete Best and ushered in long time friend/musician Ringo Starr. Within a year of the Decca audition the Beatles had scored a #1 hit with Please Please Me and the rest is Rock and Roll History… Decca’s Dick James was quoted “That guitar bands were on their way out.” He never lived down that decision… Hear the true roots of the Beatles as they struggled to get just a chance to shine… Enjoy!

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