Magical Mystery Tour – Beatle Years and Beyond – Conquering America 1964 -1974


Here is your invitation so make your reservation to join me, “Everybody’s Favorite Tour Guide”, james d. jones as I take you on a Magical Mystery Tour through the Beatle Years and Beyond… 1st Hour will be a full senses overload of Feb. 9th, 1964 as we go where most don’t go… Time will be excelerated beyond comprehension… Brace Yourself. 2nd Hour – a Beatles Decade from 1964 – 1974… get ready to sing along and realise just how much of these guys have been woven into your life! All Blended to maximize your listening experience… you’re welcome… So come comingle and hang out with us and the such right here on the Magical Mystery Tour – Beatle Years and Beyond…




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