The Magical Mystery Tour – Beatle Years and Beyond 65-66 & The Concert for Bangladesh Reimagined…


Here’s your invitation so make your reservation to join me, “Everybody’s Favorite Tour Guide”, james d. jones as I take you on a Magical Mystery Tour through the Beatle Years and Beyond…
1st hour is nothing shy of Pure Beatles Bliss 1965- 1966 style… Big Hits, Deep Tracks, Alternate Outakes, and a few Bsides just for good measure.


The 2nd Hour is an extra special event to commenerate The Concert For Bangladesh’s Anniversary, I have Reimagined The Concert For Bangladesh featuring the Beatles and a cast of friends… in this Fantasy They give the Rock Community a Voice to Be Heard and Lead the Way for others to learn from… from the very 1st track to the very end, you’ll be having pure moments of Beatles Fantasy Reunion Concert Bliss!!!
So let me give you Front Row Seats to the Best Concert That Never Was… The Concert For Bangladesh featuring the Beatles and the songs from the same era for the most part… Listen and Hear the Difference… and Embrace the Magic…


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